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Creating Content That Gets Attention


Content Writing

Your brand is multifaceted so your online presence should also be. Customers want to know more, feel a personal connection, and be given treatment that caters to their specific needs. Nowadays, you need to show your customers why your product benefits their lives. By publishing blogs, white papers, press releases, and case studies, I provide the reader with what they need to feel secure in their decision. By creating click-generating pieces, I can increase engagement through email sign-ups and provide your loyal customers with newsletters and up-to-date content. Quality content with keywords is key!


When a customer clicks a link to your website, there are so many opportunities (fill out a form, find an address, social media, read a blog, etc) to connect with potential customers. How they interact with your online presence, you can learn what your customers want (or don’t want) to better serve your customers. Customer touchpoints describe a customer’s journey, and this journey is what I use to develop a more engaging audience.

Image by Annie Spratt
Image by Marvin Meyer

B2B Writing

Your brand needs a storyteller, as an educator I know how to tell stories, captivate and engage an audience, and analyze the data that comes from that interaction. Improve your search engine ranking with more, meaningful content that keeps your brand fresh and increases optimization through organic search.

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